Avsnitt 37

#37 – Interview Special- ROLAND EMMERICH!

A couple of days ago (last year) I had the great privilege to meet the amazing Producer and Director: Mr. Roland Emmerich!
Along with five other movie critics we sat down in a hotel room and talked about his new movie “Midway”.
So because of this, almost the entire episode will be in English and since it would have been impossible for me to keep the lid on this until Monday, I will upload next weeks episode (this one) a few days earlier mostly because, well Mr. Roland Emmerich is awesome.
So if you are able to ignore my crappy english and the fact that I was nervous as H**l, I think you might enjoy this :)!

There are times when we start to talk “off-mic” but hopefully that won’t matter. Don’t forget to share, subscribe and so on if you like this. Enjoy!

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